• Our product has options for use in both interior and exterior applications.
  • Our products are of the highest quality as well as cost effective.
  • We are capable of molding your product in EPP (expandable polypropylene), EPE (expandable polythylene), PS/PE (EPS/EPE copoolymer), and EPS (expandable polystyrene).
  • DPC’s automotive components molded of expandable polystyrene (EPS) offers energy absorption and structurability mixed with low unit costs

Products molded by DPC include:

  1. Head/side impact absorbers
  2. Bolsters
  3. Head rests
  4. Substrates
  5. Jack holders
  6. Duct work
  7. Front/rear energy absorbers
  8. Variety of seating components
  9. Floor fillers
  10. Load floors