Our Mission Statement:

Diversified Plastics Corporation will supply only first-class products for its customers at a competitive price which provides an adequate return on our investment. We are committed to achieving excellence in all elements of our business performance. We believe that one of the foundations upon which this goal will be met is dedication to the continual and persistent search for improvement within product, process, and personnel to achieve customer satisfaction. We will maximize job opportunity and personal growth potential for our employees while dedicating ourselves to CONTINUOUS IMPROVEMENT in all phases of our operations.

Diversified Plastics Corporation lives up to its name by molding a diversity of plastics from expandable foam polymers to injection molded engineering grade hard plastics.

Founded in Nixa, Missouri in early 1969, D.P.C. began in an abandoned cheese factory.

In 1972, D.P.C. moved into injection molding and in 1973 built a new facility in Nixa. In 1976 it constructed a second molding facility near Centralia, Missouri and that same year won a Gold Award for Excellence in packaging design and service from the Society of Plastics Industry.

D.P.C. expanded into proprietary molding in 1977 with its Diversa-Shield exterior insulation sheeting. In 1982, D.P.C. partnered with Huntsman and General Electric to develop a new heat-resistant co-polymer for use in molding interior components for the automotive industry. By 1983 they were molding the first part from this revolutionary new material the Chevrolet Corvette dashboard.

D.P.C. stepped into another arena in 1986 holding lost foam patterns for the foundry industry. They quickly became one of the foremost molders of close-tolerance foam patterns.

In 1987, D.P.C. became the first molder in the world certified to mold parts using General Electric's new G.E.C.E.T. material. AT&T certified D.P.C. as a Vendor Partner in 1989. In 1992 D.P.C. s injection molding division was named a Certified Supplier for General Electric. That same year, D.P.C. earned Ford Motor Company’s highest quality award in the Q1 rating. In 2006, D.P.C. became ISO14001 certified. In 2007 D.P.C. became ISO/TS16949 certified.

In 2002, D.P.C. began a new venture by molding I.F.C.s (Insulated Concrete Forms) for the construction business.

Since its humble beginnings, Diversified Plastics has grown into a leader in the plastics industry in the field of innovations, quality molding, setting standards for service and timeliness, and in developing cutting edge technology.

Large portions of our team are experienced in molding parts for the auto and packaging industries, and are highly dedicated to D.P.C. Approximately one-third of our management team has been with us for more than ten years.

The original partnership of four owners still remains. They have been part of this company for over 40 years.

Our Operations Manager, Plant Manager, and Materials Manager have been with us for more than 20 years.

We have three foremen who work in shifts, and they have been with us for more than 5 years.